Thursday, October 13, 2011

Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 Installment 7


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It's time to bring Gravity album as I can't place this song yet. I remember something  my friend, dvampyrlestat told me that Shane was doing more song adlib-ing at the concert. I joked perhaps Mark's style was starting to rub off on him. I think it kewl that they do. Songs needn't have to be studio-sound all the time. I like them giving a song a different arrangement as much as a next fan. 

Ah, I remember the song it's, "No one's Gonna Sleep Tonight"

Drats! THIRD costume change for the evening and I had to go just about bonkers in a couple of videos that, that was too embarrassing to post here. Here's a much tamer if shorter of Westlife singing " When I Ruled the World" by Coldplay. Wohooo!  Oh, so after a few more searches, the song title was "Viva La Vida" By Coldplay. Okay, I got the group name right. '☺

Check out Kian's Disney shirt! This was the medley portion of the concert. 


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